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Bulldogs Crack Top Ten in BlogPoll

The first regular-season BlogPoll has been released and Georgia is up four spots to No. 10. The Bulldogs were one of eight different teams receiving first-place votes, as both Saurian Sagacity and Sunday Morning Quarterback ranked the Red and Black at the top of their ballots.

(I salute Mergz and SMQ for being more conscientious in their commitment to resume ranking than I was. I will endeavor to follow their example in the face of legitimate criticisms, valid calls for consistent and transparent methodology, and the ever-present risk of merciless ridicule and open mockery.)

Southern California remains No. 1, having received 37 first-place votes (including mine), and the 10 top rankings garnered by Louisiana State kept the Bayou Bengals in second place. West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Florida---recipients of three, two, and three first-place votes, respectively---round out the top five.

Also awarded the top spot on some BlogPollster's ballot were No. 6 Wisconsin and No. 9 Texas. Auburn ascended to 16th, Arkansas dropped to 17th, Georgia Tech jumped to 19th, and Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee all received votes.

Go 'Dawgs!