Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The ESPN announcers, Pat Forde's column, and now The Red & Black (Forde and R&B links below) have all cited Georgia's 23-3 "true" road record in the SEC under Richt.  First, it's painful enough that we have to qualify this stellar record by excluding Jacksonville.  And with that out of the way...

If I'm not mistaken (hence the title of the diary), our record since the beginning of 2001 on SEC opponents' home fields is 19-3, including one loss in each of Lexington, Auburn, and Baton Rouge (and at least one win in every SEC stadium except the Swamp and Death Valley).  Our over-all record since 2001 on opponents' home fields is 23-3, but those 23 wins include one win at Clemson and three at Historic Grant Field at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Am I miscounting?  Or is ESPN crediting ACC losses to the SEC? se.Call.At.bama-2985625.shtml

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