What I Learned This Weekend... Pt. deux

  1. Notre Dame flat out sucks. -- Georgia can empathize with the growing pains of a true freshman quarterback maturing on the biggest of stages instead of in the film room and on the practice field.  But, uh, Georgia never went through a stretch of games where the offense couldn't find the endzone.  UGA's game against South Carolina was the first time in six years they haven't reached the end zone.  Notre Dame has gone three consecutive games without the offense crossing the goal line.  Also, I just want to point out that Ty Willingham is 2-1 at Washington, with a quarterback that looks to have life and the capability of throwing more than swing passes and screen passes.  Charlie Weis is 0-3, and his offense has yet to earn 7 points... not in a game, mind you... total.  Not 7 points total!

  2. Florida is rather good. -- Similarly, the universe is rather big, Kristen Davis is rather attractive, and Kyle's posts are rather wordy.  While I would consider 17 of those 59 points to have come in garbage time for Florida, it's still impressive to put up 50+ against a supposedly good SEC defense.  The Florida offense is a group that stretches the field and seems to hit every big play opportunity that comes along.  Tebow may throw for 4000 yards with only 200 attempts.  That's ridiculous, friends.

  3. Arian Foster is not good. -- I keep wanting to believe that Foster is good.  I really do.  But nothing I have seen would lead me to that conclusion.  He is hesitant hitting the hole... almost like he is waiting to be hit.  That's not a good sign from a big, power back.  Coker is the better back, but Tennessee has to get something going up front.  Right now, the lines on both sides of the ball have been whipped pretty good.  554 yards of offense.  That's what Tennessee gave up on Saturday.  For those not initiated, that's not good.

  4. The Stars Were Askew -- Somebody dying to do research should look this up... when was the last time these four things happened on the same day: Mississippi State won an SEC game on the road, Vanderbilt won an SEC game, Kentucky beat a top 10 team, and Duke beat a BCS team... on the road.  Anybody?  Anybody?

  5. The SEC is sick and tiered -- From what I've seen this year, the SEC goes about like this... LSU & Florida are the two best teams.  Then there is a cluster[radio edit] of six teams that aren't demonstrably better than one another.  These are, in no particular order, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee. Then, we have Auburn who should be in the above group, but instead, has Brandon "Sux" Cox for a quarterback, who has devolved into the kid who prays that you hit the ball to anybody but him.  If Auburn wises up and decides to go another way at QB, then they should recoup their 2nd tier status.  Right now, purgatory for the WarEagleTigerPlainsmen for losing to Mississippi State.  Then, finally, we have Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt who reside in the downstairs sublet of the finest building in all the land, and have their rent subsidized by the upstairs tenants... what a gig that must be.
  6. Georgia Tech is averse to success, functional passing game -- Matt Ryan, or "Matty Ice" as his friends allegedly call him, exposes John Tenuta's blitz-happy defense to the tune of 435 yards through the air.  Tashard Choice was non-existent, and Taylor Bennett wasn't much better.  By the way, Bobby Dodd was packed to the gills for this ACC showdown of Top 25 teams with an attendace of 51,112.  The SEC scoffs at your insolence and your puny attendance figures.

  7. The Saban finds time for this win over Arkansas -- and by "finds time," I mean was given time by a "fortunate" official's timeout for measurement.  It was clearly not a first down (the measurement was short by 18 inches and the sideline was maybe 10 yards away... officials can accurately gauge first down yardage from midfield, but they couldn't see this one?), but the stoppage allowed Alabama who had no timeouts to gather themselves and get set while the clock was not moving.  Rather fortuitous, if you ask me, but of course, no one ever does.  Poo on the officials, here, because they clearly blew this one.  They should have set the ball, started the play clock and forced Alabama to spike the ball on 2nd down.  The game may have ended up the same, but the officials should allow the players to decide that on the field.  Giving Alabama what amounts to a timeout with 21 seconds remaining in the Arkansas redzone is an unfair advantage, and should not have been given in this instance.  Upon watching the replay, it appears the officials called the timeout as much to get themselves in order as much as anything else, which is a shame.  They should know better, and should be relegated to Mississippi State games for the remainder of the season.  Of course, they won't be.  They'll be assigned to all of Georgia's games just to spite me.

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