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Monday Night Dawg Bites: James Bond, Ugly Cars, and Preseason Homerism

We are within four weeks of football and much is afoot, so, ere you bed down for the night, you need to get up to speed on happenings in the intercollegiate athletics blogosphere and elsewhere. Here, for your edification, are a few noteworthy tidbits:

That's a sign of the Apocalypse, right there. The PT Cruiser is the illegitimate love-child of a surreptitious back-alley tryst between a late-model Volkswagen Beetle and a hearse. Seriously, this thing is a crime against nature and an atrocity of the sort that ought to have its designer standing trial in The Hague.

There are six SEC teams ranked in the USA Today's Coaching Poll Top 20. Two are in the Top 5 (LSU, Florida), and three are in the Top 15 (Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee) while Arkansas comes in at #20. By comparison the Pac-10 has 3 teams (USC, Cal, and UCLA) in the same set and the Big Ten has 4. When you have that many top teams pounding at each other week in and week out, bringing in Top 20 opponents from out of conference just isn't necessary. The strength of schedule needed to make a run for a BCS bowl is there.

But in '07 the SEC has seemingly gone out of its way to bring top matchups to the college football fan. Two time national champion FSU (#21) will play two SEC teams in '07. Virginia Tech (#9), Missouri, West Virginia (#6), Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Clemson, Louisville (#11), and Cal (#12) round out the top-tier OOC slate.

The fact is, the SEC is tough both inside and out.

While we're on the subject of non-conference scheduling, it has been reported that, although my 18 months' worth of effort to get Michigan on Georgia's schedule came to naught, the Wolverines have inked a deal to play Utah. Well, then. As penance for ducking the 'Dawgs, I think Maize and Blue fans should be forced to spend the weekend in Cleveland. Oh, wait, they did that already? All right, then, I guess we're cool.

(Insert obligatory "What is a Ute?" reference here.)

Admit it . . . you'd be rooting for him to grind that pathetic little Daniel Craig goober into a fine powder.

Take that for what it's worth . . . and get some sleep, why don't you? You have a busy day tomorrow.

Go 'Dawgs!