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Georgia Fans Want to Play Texas, Call for 8:50 Kickoff Time

Shortly after Michigan and Notre Dame agreed to maintain hostilities for another two decades, I shifted my focus to other out-of-conference matchups I would deem desirable. Accordingly, I put the following inquiry to Bulldog Nation: "Now that Michigan is off the table, what marquee non-conference matchup would you most like to see Georgia schedule?"

A couple of late votes slipped in after I formally closed out the balloting, although they would have made no difference in the standings even had the polls remained open. The top choice was Texas, which boasted a 40 per cent plurality and finished well ahead of runner-up Penn State (28%). The Bruins were a distant third with 13 per cent.

"None of the above" hauled in seven per cent of the ballots cast, finishing just in front of North Carolina. Although Tar Heel partisans would be up for a resumption of the onetime rivalry, only six per cent of Georgia fans felt likewise. After U.N.C. came T.C.U. (4%), Rutgers (2%), and Navy (0%).

State University of New Jersey alumna Kristin Davis was disappointed by the scant support received by the Scarlet Knights in the most recent Dawg Sports poll.

After that poll question was posted, of course, it came to light that Georgia has its eye on scheduling a top-tier home-and-home series for 2011 and 2012, which changed the math for me considerably.

Consequently, even though not all denizens of Bulldog Nation are persuaded that Georgia's schedule needs upgrading, I posed a new question: "All right, no kidding this time. Which team do you really want to see Georgia play in 2011 and 2012?"

Your votes go here and your explanations go in the comments below or in the diaries to the right.

Go 'Dawgs!