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What Will Happen Against Oklahoma State Tomorrow Night?

First of all, I would like to thank MaconDawg for providing Bulldog Nation with five things you'll see tomorrow night, a stream of consciousness review of yesterday's opening night college football action, and, of course, the resumption of "Cocktail Thursday" from his old weblog. I likewise would like to thank The Realist for his in-depth assessment of tomorrow's game.

I am grateful to MaconDawg for taking up the slack in my stead, and to The Realist for his thoughtful diary, because fotodog is right that Bulldog Nation needs to be focused on tomorrow night's game. I apologize for my radio silence these last couple of days, but I was out of town due to a death in the family, which, naturally, took precedence over the preparations for football season. Your understanding is appreciated.

Since my thoughts have been in short supply in this public forum of late, and since (as I recently observed) this is a conversation, not a monologue, I'm going to take this opportunity to turn our attention to what you think.

When asked to predict the outcome of the Oklahoma State game, an admittedly biased survey sample in this thoroughly unscientific poll foresaw a Bulldog victory by more than a touchdown but less than a blowout, in the opinion of a solid 49 per cent plurality of the 418 voters.

Predictions of a close Georgia victory were a distant second (15.8%), followed narrowly by the wishful thinking that the Cowboys will suffer the same fate that awaited the Broncos when Boise State came to town two years ago (14.4%). Some 6.5 per cent of voters admitted frankly that they had no clue, whereas 4.5 per cent feared that the Pokes would win by more than one score without running the home team altogether out of the building.

Only small numbers of votes were garnered by such possibilities as the Red and Black losing by a convincing margin (3.6%), a tight O.S.U. victory (3.1%), or a down-to-the-wire shootout won by whichever team touched the ball last (3.1%).

We'll find out the answer tomorrow night. It's been a long week in more ways than one, but, at long last, it's football season, folks.

Go 'Dawgs!