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Sly Croom: Suspended QB Not So Disappointing After All . . .

So, you're Sylvester Croom and your quarterback just threw 6 picks in a game against LSU. Clearly you're in need of quarterback help. Where do you find it? You find it out of uniform and back at the athletic dorm, in the form of former 2nd stringer Josh Riddell. Riddell has now been reinstated after an indefinite suspension last week for a DUI.

It's interesting timing on Coach Croom's part. The Bear Bryant-schooled disciplinarian pointed out that "I'm still disappointed in Josh's actions, but he's conducted himself well in the interim. He did what was asked of him both on and off the field, and I put him back on the team. It's a situation where he'll have to work his way back up the depth chart." Something tells me it's not that far a climb back to the top, Coach.

The problem here is that Riddell may have in fact been exemplary in the 12 days since his August 19th arrest for blowing a .14 while driving a teammate's Chevy Tahoe (pagin' Mudcat Elmore . . .). But Henig's craptacular performance against LSU has deprived Sly of all cover on the issue. It looks like a desperate move before what sets up as a "must win" against Tulane (HT: EDSBS, for catching the announcers saying what we were all thinking), whether it is or not. And by the way, if you're an SEC Coach playing must win games against Tulane, you are in dire straits, indeed.