Why our schedule is fine

I appreciate all the writers at for, in my opinion, the best bulldawg blawg on the web, and especially all their musings that keep me entertained during this awful summer for sports (except for the Brave's recent aquisition of Mark Teixiera.) But I do have to disagree strongly with them on two points: firstly, what is this overwhelming desire to schedule a tough out of conference schedule? It has been shown time and again that the best way to get to the MNC is un undefeated schedule and the easiest way to do that is to schedule patsies. Now I'm not advocating I-AA opponents, but our year in year out schedule is already hard enough. I'm sick and darn tired of everyone praising USC's schedule because they're playing Nebraska, Notre Dame, UCLA & Cal. Or in other words, a once great program on a slow and rocky return to possible prominence, the most consistently overrated in all of SPORTS that can't even win a bowl game, and two programs that play second fiddle to Southern Cal and get to mop up their leftovers every year in the recruiting battle. Well give me that ease of schedule every year over Allbarn, Florida, Tennesee and GT. (Which by the way we play every year, then try to add other strong out of conference games and play the evil genius and a rotation of SEC West foes, which admittedly can either be tough, LSU, or not so tough, MSU.) Besides our annual contest against the techy nerds, our out of conference schedule last year was horrible, but I would dare any major media outlet to deny an undefeated team with that same schedule a berth in the MNC. I get it, I'm on the same page as  ya'll. I love seeing UGA being challenged by a new foe of equal stature. I would rather see UGA hang tough and lose to a great team than to mercilessly beat a bad team. But the best possible solution would be to play that great team in the MNC, and the fast track of getting there is relying solely on our traditional rivals as our strength of schedule coupled with an undefeated season. So bring on the patsies.

My other complaint, is that no one yet has voiced how great it is that we have no one on the Preseason all-SEC teams. Yeah, I said it, it's GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRREEEAAAT!!!! (If I knew how to insert pictures Tony the Tiger would be right here.) We always perform better as underdawgs so we couldn't ask for a better setup. Everyone on the team now has to EARN their respect (think DJ Shockley of 2005.) If we can make the adjustments early there is no one on our schedule right now that looks to be a dominant opponent, a la LSU. So don't rule out being in Atlanta two weeks in a row at the end of the season, and hopefully we could even win both.

Now that I've done enough to fully jinx us I'll leave you with this: Expect Jeff Owens to be a monster in 2007 and for Roderick Battle to suprise everyone.
I really think Richt is to the point where he doesn't rebuild, he reloads.

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