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Friday Morning's Random Notes

I'm out of town and busier than Lindsey Lohan's NarcAnon sponsor this weekend. So you'll have to rely on Kyle to get you through your last football deficient weekend of 2007. Before I hit the road though, a few things that bear mentioning in Dawgnation:

Matt Stafford was not pleased with the effort in the team's practice game yesterday, saying his teammates didn't have the kind of energy they need. We've heard throughout the summer that Stafford was taking on a leadership position. This may be some tangible evidence of that phenomenon. I am a little worried because he refers to the "young guys" on the offense, which just about has to be a reference to the offensive line.

Vance Cuff is looking more and more likely to get some playing time at cornerback. This is simply amazing given that a) he's a true freshman and b) he didn't even set foot on campus until literally hours before the start of practice. Richt has bragged on his coverage skills and in the Athens Banner Herald this morning Coach Martinez noted his maturity. At 5'11 and 173 pounds, Cuff has the size you look for in a boundary corner, and athleticism to burn. Something tells me we got a steal when he decided to stay home and play for Georgia rather than accepting an offer from Ohio State.

We're still gloriously injury free. A few guys banged up, but nobody set to miss any playing time. This will change. Someone will eventually get bitten by the injury bug. But it is nice to have had a little continuity. If ever there was a preseason when we needed everyone to be on the field and learning, it's this one.

Coach Richt was complimentary of the look Logan Gray gave the defense as scout team quarterback. Much like Vance Cuff, I just have a good feeling about this guy. If we can just get him up over the 180 pound mark so that he can take the hits from college defenses . . .

Super secret correspondent Darius Dawgberry and I played a game of "Which Frosh Will Play?" over lunch the other day, and came to many of the same conclusions. Our combined list of true freshmen most likely to see the field (listed from most likely to least):

1) Trinton Sturdivant- Still your starting left tackle, and a great advertisement for early enrollment. 2) Rennie Curran- The coaches love him. The players love him. He's got the speed we've been looking for in the linebacker corps since the 2005 bowl game of which we do not speak. 3) Clint Boling- He's working at both guard and tackle, and seems a shoe-in to play when somebody on the offensive line gets dinged up. 4) Drew Butler- A sleeper I know, but Coach Richt has said that he's our most consistent punter, and that counts for a lot. He's also a "one step and kick" punter, which I like after our blocked punt difficulties last year. 5) Vance Cuff- Again, not the guy a lot of people were counting on. But the Coaches make it sound like his coverage skills will get him on the field.

I'm willing to grant that more than five freshmen will likely play. But these are the guys who seem almost mortal locks from where I'm sitting. Feel free to add your top five in the comments. Until later . . .

Go Dawgs!