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First Thoughts on First Blogpoll Ballots

As Kyle noted, the first Blogpoll is up, and with it a slew of ballots from your favorite sports webloggers. Brian at MGoBlog has all the statistical analysis, which you should devour immediately. This is of course the preliminary ballot before the sho-nuff reputation wagering that will go on next week. A completely random sampling of early pigskin prognostications from those who, unlike some voters, actually watch whole football games:

Somebody voted Wisconsin #1. Michigan State blogger Enlightened Spartan, to be precise. I don't necessarily agree, but this intrepid voter is the early frontrunner in the testiculos de oro sweepstakes. If the Badgers actually take home the hardware, somebody will be absolutely insufferable during all college football barroom discussions forever. At least I would be if I were him.

Two somebodies voted Florida #1. They are Tulane/Philly sports afficionado Frank McGrath and Penn Stater 50 Yard Lion. I think Reggie Nelson threatened them. That's my only explanation.

Georgia's #14. I'm totally OK with that. If anything, it may be a little high given our inexperience on the offensive line and the number of underclassmen we'll be trotting out on defense. I can honestly say we'll be a lot better team by Week 6, but I'm not sure that in Week 1 we'll be the fourteenth best team in the country.

Orson Swindle has South Carolina #6. See "voting Wisconsin #1", above. Testiculos de oro, amigo. He's also bearish on Georgia because of inexperience on the offensive line and Matt Stafford's propensity to make mistakes under pressure. Fair enough.

Because we all know that quarterbacks who wilt under pressure never go all the way . . .

The poll as a whole has Oklahoma #6. I like Allen Patrick well enough, and was impressed with DeMarco Murray after watching him in the Sooners' spring game. Kyle thinks they're number 6. They're even coached by Bob Stoops. But after last season I'm a little concerned about the quarterback situation. That's before we even consider 2005's outing under Rhett Bomar. But when your tough conference opponents not coached by Mack Brown are Missouri, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State, an impressive record is ripe for the taking.

Jeff from Ramblin' Racket is an unabashed homer. And I totally dig that about him, even as a Georgia Tech fan. For the second year in a row he wins the Coulter/Krugman Award for the blogger who is, shall we say, inordinately optimistic about the home team's chances compared to others polled. He has the Jackets in the top 10 for the second year in a row, by the way.