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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

Here are a couple of housekeeping notes to get you going this Tuesday morning:

  • The folks at Fan IQ were exceedingly patient while awaiting my answers to their interview questions, which I finally submitted and which have been posted at the site. Be sure to check it out for my take on Matthew Stafford, the 40 Watt, the Song Girls, and the most overrated, underrated, and fearsome S.E.C. squads.
  • Our local N.F.L. blogger, The Falcoholic, recently got some deserved mainstream media attention, as he was quoted by ESPN. Our congratulations go out to Dave during this trying time for Falcons fans. I had been gearing up to follow my hometown pro team when D.J. Shockley was in the quarterback mix, but, due to his unfortunate injury, I'm back to being indifferent toward the Atlanta football franchise, since I no longer have a 'Dawg in that fight . . . so to speak.
Go 'Dawgs!