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Jimmy Clausen, Brazen Heathen Lawbreaker. Sorta.

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Even an avowed Notre Dame hater like me has to admit this is getting a little ridiculous.

Notre Dame uber-freshman Jimmy Clausen has entered pretrial diversion after pleading guilty to misdemeanor alcohol possession charges. The kicker is that Clausen does not appear to have been drinking. He was riding in a car with a 23 year old Notre Dame grad who had gone into a liquor store to buy alcohol. In Indiana, it is against the law for a minor to be in a car with alcohol unless said minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Somewhere, Steve Stifler cries for you, teens of Indiana. Seriously, how can one have a summer lake party without an older friend to buy the booze and drive you to a secluded location for adolescent hijinx? In fact, when informed of the news regarding Indiana's underage possession law, American Pie actor Seann William Scott exclaimed that the law clearly proves that Indiana legislators are "Repressed!" David Greene was also reached for comment, and sticking with the American Pie theme wryly remarked, "Well, I did beat his brother. Twice."

No word yet on whether Clausen will plead to the related offenses of going through the express lane at the grocery store with more than 10 items in his cart, and taking a standardized test with a writing implement other than a No. 2 pencil. Little scofflaw.