September 2nd:  Georgia Newspapers Report:
Well it is a sad start to 2007 Georgia Bulldog Football.  What began with lofty expectations has taken a huge setback with early season loss.  OSU's Head Gunslinger Coach Mike Gundy brought his Posse to town and handed the Dawgs an early season Pavlovian training session.  Cowboys Stun Dawgs in this SEC-Big 12 match up.  42-24.  Before the game began, tell me if you knew who Bobby Reid (QB) and Adarius Bowman (WR) were?  I am sure they are now  imprinted into your brain.  Surely we know that SEC football is a step ahead of the Big 12 top to bottom, but in this early season example, OSU continues to deny that stance.  They finished off Alabama in a mediocre bowl last year and now they come to town and put choke collars on the Dawgs.  If anyone is missing their pet, please call the city Dog Pound at 1-800-got-beat!

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