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S.E.C. Media Days: The Annotated Les Miles

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S.E.C. Media Days concluded on Friday.

Mark Richt was among the conference coaches addressing the press on the final day of the work week and, as anticipated, both he and the players he brought with him gave answers which were both upbeat and bland, displaying confidence without raising any eyebrows. I'm sure such interviews are dull to the news media, but they unquestionably are good for Bulldog Nation.

Since my evaluation of Urban Meyer's remarks brought down the wrath of Gator message board posters (who thought me "uneducated," found my animadversions upon their head coach's interview skills to be a "puerile and shallow" reaction to "the malaise in Athens," and reminded me that "very little of this [recruiting] business is settled in July" after I had already written that "I ha[d] no doubt that the Orange and Blue will close strongly when February rolls around"), I have elected to return to the time-honored practice of "rip and read" (after a fashion, at any rate) when assessing the comments of one Les Miles.

Take it away, Coach Miles:

Q: Would you like to see the S.E.C. and Pac-10 to meet each other in a bowl game on a regular basis?

A: I think that would be a very competitive matchup. I don't think there would be any problem with that at all.

I like our bowl matchups. I like what the conference has in place. I can only tell you that we look forward to competing in this conference and getting to the back end and kind of seeing where we're at.

Whoever we would play we would enjoy.

Q: Is L.S.U. 'Bama's new rival, or is Nick Saban Les Miles's new rival?

A: I didn't really hear everything you said there. I'll kind of address it.

I've given some thought to that. We really have enjoyed the accomplishments that Coach had while he was at L.S.U. He left, went by way of another stop, now is back in the conference. I can tell you that's one game on our schedule, no more than one. I can tell you that we really have not changed anything. There will be no bearing on what we do that's different. We look forward to getting to that game.

Q: Do you regret saying, F'ing Alabama at that rally?

A: I can tell you that at the end of a recruiting season where there was a lot of hearsay and innuendo, there was some heated exchanges, I can tell you that I did have emotion, and I certainly regret any choice of words that you described that I made.

No, I am not in any way derogatory towards Alabama. I look forward to competing with them and their coach.

Q: Do you think Coach Saban's return has kind of helped your image amongst L.S.U. fans?

A: I haven't really given much thought to that, to be honest with you. Like I said, my image is not something I really have focused on much lately.

Q: A few weeks ago did you mean to call out U.S.C. at that luncheon for W.W.L., or did you get caught up in the moment?

A: I don't think I called out U.S.C. in any way. I think it was a feel of a strong S.E.C. conference, enjoyment, the competition, how difficult it is to come through a tremendous schedule, an S.E.C. schedule, then play a championship game, and then go on and have an opportunity to play in a nationally significant game.

I just think it's a little easier to come from a conference that there is no championship game. Whoever the champion is from the Pac-10, I think they'll be a great football team. We'd look forward to meeting anybody in the postseason.

No, I wasn't calling out U.S.C. in any way.

Well, O.K., then.

Go 'Dawgs!