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Georgia, Alabama, and Texas Lead Nation in Indigenous Football Fan Population

After returning from vacation, I asked the question, "Which state is home to the greatest number of indigenous football fans?"

I let the balloting go on a little longer than usual, but the increase in voter turnout does not appear to have skewed the numbers in what never bore even the remotest resemblance to a scientific poll in the first place.

Predictably, the Peach State finished first with 96 of the 252 ballots cast (38.1%), trailed by runner-up Alabama (25.4%) and bronze medalist Texas (16.3%). After the top three, there was a significant drop-off in support.

A distant fourth-place finish went to the Sunshine State, which collected 14 votes (5.6%) to edge out the always-popular "none of the above" (3.6%). It was all downhill from there for California (3.2%), Tennessee (2.8%), Ohio (2.4%), South Carolina (1.6%), and Oklahoma (1.2%).

With college football season only barely over a month away, it was obvious that the new poll question simply had to call upon Dawg Sports readers to predict which team would win the 2007 national title. Your votes go here and your observations for the good of the order go in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!