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Are the Florida Gators Gaining Ground on the 'Dawgs?

Evidently, I have riled up the Gator faithful by quoting Urban Meyer accurately. I'm not worried, though; the Florida fans will agree with me when Coach Meyer bolts for the N.F.L. in the next couple or three years.

In the meantime, though, Mike Farrell gushed earlier this evening that "a stroke of genius on the part of football coach Urban Meyer" has doubled the Gators' tally of verbal commitments for the 2008 signing class . . . which means they now have four.

Not only does he do a good job covering recruiting, but he was great on "M*A*S*H"!

I have no doubt that the Orange and Blue will close strongly when February rolls around, but, for now, let's not forget who is chasing whom. As Farrell put it:

With Georgia, Florida State, Ohio State and USC all on the board early with commitments from top-20 players, landing Hill will allow the Gators to keep pace.

"Hill" is Will Hill, reputedly the country's seventh-best high school prospect. Farrell lavished praise on Coach Meyer for obtaining a "near commitment" from Hill, who "came close to ending the [recruiting] process." Hill has an official visit upcoming in mid-September but he has not yet given that most tentative of pledges, the verbal commitment.

When and if Hill's declaration of fealty to Florida is forthcoming, that will, in Farrell's estimation, "allow the Gators to keep pace" with in-state rival F.S.U., national championship game opponent Ohio State, top-ranked U.S.C., and the leading athletics institution in the Southeastern Conference.

Let's not forget who is chasing whom. We in Bulldog Nation are, as always, looking forward to facing the defending national champions in the fall.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know . . . 15 of the last 17. Guess what? Trends end.

Go 'Dawgs!