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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

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We are within a week of being within a month of college football season. It'll be here before we know it, but there is much work to be done in the interim, so, as you gear up for the arrival of the autumn and the return of gridiron glory to college campuses throughout the land, take a moment to sit back and skim what has been going on in the world around you lately:

In atonement for my oversight, Big Blue Shoe, I hereby post a photograph of Peyton Manning.

I appreciated all the feedback, even that which took a contrary view. (Yes, I even appreciated the feedback from the guy who thought my posting "was horrible" and "was written very poorly.") One of the beauties of the blogosphere is that all of us are on an equal footing when responding to one another, allowing bloggers, commenters, and lurkers alike an identical opportunity to judge competing positions on their merits. The blogosphere is a true marketplace of ideas and that is one of the things that makes me most proud to be a part of it.

Not by a long shot.

If you're going to go with a cartoon character, though, how could you not pick Kim Possible?

That should give you enough to get you going as we push ahead through the final week before the final month before football season. Hang in there, folks; we'll make it soon enough.

Go 'Dawgs!