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The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Us

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Even though I mentioned this in passing a short while ago, I wanted to let everyone know that The Eyes of Texas is now available from Maple Street Press and from Amazon.

Burnt Orange Nation's Peter Bean put the book together and, although it is concerned with the Texas Longhorns rather than with the Georgia Bulldogs, I had the privilege of authoring one of the articles appearing therein.

Also featured in The Eyes of Texas are Sunday Morning Quarterback's Matt Hinton (who, by the way, noted yesterday that "deep emotional hatred and unverifiable perception are not tools," thereby eliminating all hope that I ever again will be able to author a coherent analysis of a Georgia-Auburn game), Every Day Should Be Saturday's Orson Swindle, and some professional sports journalists, too.

I would encourage you to give it a look. It may not be about your favorite team, but it does feature some fine writing by some noteworthy webloggers . . . and, if The Eyes of Texas sells well in the Peach State, why, who knows? We might be able to convince Maple Street Press to publish a preseason annual about the Red and Black next year.

Go 'Dawgs!