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Georgia Women's Golfer Advances to Quarterfinals at Amateur Tourney

For the Georgia women's golf team, this spring was a time of scandal, upheaval, and disappointment. After the tumult began to die down, though, the Bulldog lady linksters saw their fortunes start to turn with the hiring of Kelley Hester as their new coach.

Now comes another bit of good news, this time concerning Mallory Hetzel, who advanced to the quarterfinals of the North & South Women's Amateur at Pinehurst.

Mallory began her amateur golfing career after spending the '80s living in a T.V. show on N.B.C.

Hetzel is a rising junior with the Georgia women's golf team and she entered the tournament as the 50th-seeded competitor in a 64-player bracket. Nevertheless, she opened with a win over No. 15 seed Kate Combes on Wednesday and defeated both Nicole Ferrero and Lauren Doughtie on Thursday.

According to Golfweek's Beth Ann Baldry, Hetzel "recently started taking lessons from Coastal Carolina men's coach Allen Terrell and can already see a difference in her short game," which helped to guide her into a quarterfinal showdown with Maggie Simons, the 10th-seeded former Wake Forest player.

Go 'Dawgs!