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Catching Up With UGA Great Allan Leavitt

In case you missed it, the St. Petersburg Times has an interesting human interest piece on former University of Georgia kicker Allan Leavitt, who is now serving as an Assistant Coach at the Bolles School in Jacksonville. The story notes that Leavitt was the first kicker ever offered a scholarship at Georgia. That doesn't seem so revolutionary now, but at the time one would have to think the scholarship in question came with a heavy dose of pressure.

Leavitt was a better than average kicker in his day, though he did have the misfortune of being followed in Athens by Marietta product Rex Robinson, and later some kid from Redan High School who Lewis Grizzard thought long and hard about naming a son for (and who later became the only kicker in the College Football Hall of Fame). But it's often forgotten that Allan Leavitt was actually Bill Hartman's first pupil as kicking coach at Georgia, and one of the first soccer-style kickers in college football who was an offensive weapon in his own right, rather than a last resort.