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Recruiting Odds and Ends

The AJC is reporting that Birmingham offensive tackle Tyler Love will be visiting Athens for the 3rd time next weekend. I previously said that I'd be shocked if Love did not sign with the University of Alabama. I have to admit however that I've never heard of a player visiting a school three times just to throw observers off his trail. It's also worth noting that there are usually a few Mountainbrook students who head to Athens each year, so it might not be quite so foreign a place as some would think. Cross your fingers.

That same AJC article mentions that another Alabama prospect, William Green, will be visiting Georgia Tech. Green is still a little raw both in terms of technique and physique. But the 6'5, 208 pound defensive end has a lot of upside. I still think he ends up either at Alabama or one of the Florida schools, but the Bees do deserve a little credit for getting more bigtime prospects on campus in the past couple of years. Now if they could just pull off an upset of Wake Forest and N.C. State in the same season, they may really be off to the races . . .

Norcross wide receiver Brice Butler appears set to make his decision within the next month. Butler has played things very close to the vest, but Georgia is fighting to get the talented wide receiver along with Southern Cal, Florida, Florida State (where his father Bobby played), LSU and many others. While A.J. Green is the headliner of our receiving class so far, Butler would be a huge pickup. At 6'2 and 190 pounds, he has great size and better than average speed. More importantly, he has great hands and is a better route runner at this point than either Green or Alabama receiver Julio Jones. I have to imagine Florida State is the frontrunner here, but you just never know.

Both of these guys are probably a reach, but it begs the question: who is the one uncommitted high school player you want the Dawgs to sign for the class of 2008, regardless of the probability that he will sign with UGA? I am moving closer to picking Butler the more I see. I think he's the kind of guy who could get on the field early and contribute, or redshirt and compete for a starting spot in 2009.