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Thursday Morning Roundup

Not a whole lotta Georgia Bulldog news out there today(with the exception of Paul Oliver and tonight's NFL Supplemental Draft), but that doesn't mean the rest of the college sports world is quiet, for example:

Oklahoma is finding out that Rhett Bomar's employer isn't the only one paying heavily for his "summer job". This case offers a great teaching point for University athletic administrators, as the Infractions committee pointed specifically to the problems with Kelvin Sampson era Sooner basketball as an aggravating factor in the OU football program's punishment. The NCAA increasingly seems to be looking Department-wide in these cases, so that one renegade coach can turn other sports' mole hills into scholarship-sapping, win-forfeiting mountains. As Georgia fans, we can certainly empathize.

Tony Barnhart thinks that Georgia Tech's offense may be better without Calvin Johnson (and touts Taylor Bennett's game management skills, which seems bizarre given that, you know, he's only started one game of consequence, which Tech lost once West Virginia figured out that the ball was going to Calvin Johnson). All delusion aside, if the Jackets don't get the ball to Tashard Choice 20+ times a game, new OC John Bond should have to explain himself.

Oh, and Alabama basketball coach Mark Gottfried is channelling Heraclitus on the subject of Tide forward Yamene Coleman's recent arrest for credit card fraud. Quote: "As the facts get here and we learn more about it, I'm very confident this will not be as it appears to be at this particular time. I really can't talk about it." Yeah, right then.

I think Gottfried is trying to say that Coleman was using his girlfriend's student card to purchase pizza at Dominos ($200 worth total, which has to entitle young Yamene to some kind of discount) and that she then got mad at him and turned him in for the offense in a fit of domestic retaliation. If so then I doubt much will come of it. Or everything will come of it. Or everything will come from nothing. I won't know for sure until I talk to Xenophanes Gottfried.

This foray into being and nothingness brought to you by the Alabama basketball program, cloaking student privacy concerns in riddles reminiscent of ancient Greek philospohy since 2005.

Also in the blogosphere, Peter Bean at BurntOrangeNation has a great interview with Chris from Smart Football on the X's and O's of scheming for your personnel. Smart Football is a great blog that highlights the cerebral aspect of the game (asking, for example, what ever happened to the Run and Shoot?). Be sure to check it out. I'll be back later with some material on recruiting. Until then . . .

Go Dawgs!