Thanks for making June the best month ever!

Just 29 days ago, I thanked everyone for making May such a great month. It appears I spoke too soon.

In June, for the fourth consecutive month, Dawg Sports visits and page views were up over the previous month. As a matter of fact, June 2007 represents the best month of site traffic ever since Dawg Sports debuted on February 22, 2006.

Previously, the high water mark for visits in a calendar month was the record of 31,506 set in January 2007, a 31-day-long month that included the conclusion of football season. The largest number of page views in the history of the site had been the 54,602 tallied in October 2006, a 31-day-long month in the midst of football season.

Both of those records fell during June 2007, a 30-day-long month during which the Bulldogs were not taking to the gridiron, the diamond, or the basketball court. Nevertheless, Dawg Sports received 34,644 visits and 57,997 page views over the course of the month just concluded. This represents rather a substantial increase over June 2006; a year ago, this weblog received 11,608 visitors and experienced 26,173 page views.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to visit the site, even during the doldrums of the offseason. Naturally, I am grateful to MaconDawg, whose entertaining writing style and coverage of basketball, recruiting, and whatever else happens to spring to mind account for a great deal of the increased traffic and augment every Dawg Sports reader's enjoyment of the site, mine most definitely included. The indispensable Dawg Bone likewise sends many readers our way and I thank the clearinghouse for information in Bulldog Nation for pointing readers in this direction.

Finally, I would like to thank the many message board participants who are kind enough to drop by and discuss what MaconDawg and I have to say here in our corner of Bulldog Nation. I am especially grateful for links such as the recent one from Jim From Duluth, who was a loyal fan of "The Dawg Show" when my brother-in-law, Travis Rice, and I were doing our local cable access show on Georgia football (and who was kind enough to invite Trav and me to his tailgate one fine Saturday).

Our gratitude goes out to you all and we look forward to hosting all of you during the autumn, as we head into another stellar season of Georgia football.

Go 'Dawgs!

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