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Georgia Outfielder Jonathan Wyatt Drafted by Chicago Cubs

The major league baseball draft continued on Friday, with the Chicago Cubs taking Jonathan Wyatt in the 13th round. I'm not sure that being taken in the 13th round by what assuredly is the most ill-fated franchise in baseball today is a good sign, but we wish Wyatt well, nevertheless.

Wyatt was a starter on two College World Series teams and his .328 career batting average is complemented by a sparkling .392 postseason average. During his senior year, Wyatt committed no errors in the outfield and he led the Diamond Dogs in hitting for the second straight season.

Now that Wyatt's playing days in the Classic City are done, his professional exploits may be followed here at SportsBlogs Nation at John Sickels's Minor League Ball until he---Wyatt, that is, not Sickels---gets called up to the big leagues, after which he will be in the capable hands of Bleed Cubbie Blue's Al, a first-rate weblogger and a first-class guy who is in the ATL even as we speak.

Writing of the City Too Busy to Hate, Al asked earlier this afternoon:

Man, it's hot here. How do you folks who live in the Southeast do this all summer?

I guess you just have to be from around here, Al . . . but, for what it's worth, it's not the heat, it's the humidity.

In addition to Wyatt and Atlanta Braves second-round pick Joshua Fields, a handful of Georgia signees also were selected in the first-year player draft.

By the way . . . I hate to sound like a broken record, but go vote!

Go 'Dawgs!