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Monday Night Dawg Bites

A new work week is upon us and we are within 90 days of the start of football season, so chances are we're all already in "hurry up and wait" mode. If so, relax . . . there's a lot going on while we're all biding our time and here's a quick rundown of all the stuff you need to know:

Also, Shorty reportedly tortured the gingerbread man until he revealed secret details regarding the hot blogger brackets.

  • Anyone who criticizes S.E.C. out-of-conference scheduling needs to take a look at the 2008 slate, when West Virginia visits Auburn, Miami travels to Florida, U.C.L.A. hosts Tennessee, Arkansas ventures to Austin to renew its rivalry with Texas, and Arizona State welcomes Georgia. Gone are the days when Southeastern Conference teams would stoop to scheduling Northern Illinois, Tulane, Western Kentucky, and . . . I'm sorry, what's that? Aw, dang!
  • Just when I finished making peace with the Midwest, along came a New Yorker, who offered the following asinine comparison regarding the Bear Bryant Museum:
With its litany of sports stats, a replica of the coach's office and utter lack of historical context, it reminded me of the Joseph Stalin Museum.

Is that (a) lazy writing, (b) a poor attempt at humor, (c) a bad analogy, or (d) all of the above?

Option (e) would involve a trip to Charleston Harbor.

If my sister and mother had only checked the college football schedule that fall while they were planning her wedding -- the No. 1 rule in Southern etiquette -- they would have known where I'd be that Saturday: sitting among 107,592 fans on the banks of the Tennessee River.


Half of all marriages end in divorce. Mark Richt has a .782 career winning percentage. Therefore, there's better than a 28 per cent greater likelihood of a favorable outcome at a Georgia football game than at a wedding.

The D.V.D. box set of season one arrived today.

That ought to tide you over until tomorrow. Have a good evening; I'll be back on Tuesday with more to report.

Go 'Dawgs!