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Thursday Night Dawg Bites

It's been a busy week for traffic here at Dawg Sports, but it's also been a busy week for your humble correspondents, so you'll have to pardon us for the dearth of original content this Thursday evening.

Fortunately, other voices throughout the blogosphere are not similarly silent, so sit back and enjoy a few nuggets from our fellow denizens of the realm of sports commentary of, by, and for the fans:

Georgia should [be] improved this year over last, and their big, athletic forwards are going to give their SEC foes a tough time on the blocks. Mercer's status will greatly affect the overall success of the team this year. Should make the NCAA tournament. Pretender this year, but watch out next year.

Neither Tru, as a Kentucky fan, nor I, as a Georgia fan, can claim to be an impartial observer, but his overall critique of the Hoop Dogs appears to be a fair one.

The next two seasons represent a critical period for Dennis Felton, who inherited a terrible situation and has done a good job under the circumstances, but who has fewer excuses now than when he first was hired. Damon Evans has made a commitment to the basketball program and the next couple of years will tell us whether Coach Felton, who has led the Bulldogs through the wilderness, is the man to take Georgia to the promised land.

Also, it wouldn't hurt if the man wore a little more red.

  • Much is afoot among the rivals with the webbed feet as the Oregonians are making their presence known. Jake promised a reply to my recent posting, in which I noted that the greatest injustice of the College World Series was not that the Beavers won the national title despite finishing sixth in their conference, but was instead that they were required to beat North Carolina more than once to do it. Solon, who left an outstanding comment following my aforementioned posting, also shares Dave's view of Erin Andrews, who has been boosting Jake's site traffic.
  • In a related item, another Dave makes a fine point in favor of Melissa Stark, whose service as a "Monday Night Football" sideline reporter (opposite the atrocious Eric Dickerson, who demonstrated why he and his "Pony Express" compatriot Craig James should have been called "Dumb and Dumber") proved that she possessed the most favorable combination of good looks and competent reporting of any female sports journalist, thereby earning her praise from the Ladies . . . A few years ago, when Playboy publicly announced its intention to approach popular female sports reporters about shooting photo layouts for the magazine, I thought Melissa Stark should have been their first choice, both because she is a good-looking woman and because her name lends itself to the perfect title for her pictorial: "Stark Naked."

See, Coach Felton? Red is a good look!

If I hate Tommy Tuberville's guts, and if the appendix counts as part of your guts, does that mean there's less of Tommy to hate now? Darn you, you Dumbo-eared whiner! I hate you more for making me hate you less! (Seriously, I hope Tubs makes a speedy recovery and all, but, man, I hate Auburn!)

That ought to get you through the night. We'll be back with more shortly, but, in the meantime, don't stress yourself too hard on Friday and, by all means, have a good weekend.

Go 'Dawgs!