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Late Night Dawg Bites

The first day of the work week is behind us and there yet remains much to be done, but, before thoughts of diving headfirst into that pile on your desk bright and early on Tuesday morning begin to get you down, take a moment to check the headlines as we run through the news of note.

Although I'll try to be a little more lighthearted as we move along, there are, unfortunately, sad and serious matters to report, with which we begin:

In an effort to mend fences with TH after insulting his team's color scheme, I hereby present the foregoing picture of the sky as a peace offering.

Believe it or not, Dave's advice was not to start drinking heavily.

In retrospect, since TH compared me to Frodo and titled his retort "You're Dead to Me, Georgia" (which seemed more than a little harsh), I have to think a picture of the sky won't quite be enough to get me back into his good graces. Accordingly, I offer the foregoing photograph of Michael Jordan in a Tar Heel uniform. Surely that will earn me forgiveness for my rather benign impertinence concerning the events of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

  • Much like Senator Blutarsky, I got the word from Paul Westerdawg that Georgia's Kara Lynn Joyce had been nominated for an ESPY. Naturally, Bulldog Nation will want to show its support for one of its own.
  • I hope you will forgive me for ending with a personal plug, but I recently answered Five Good Questions posed by Stiles Points, so you'll want to keep an eye on the Mahoning Valley-based weblog for my thoughts on Georgia's biggest rival, the five best Bulldogs to have worn the silver britches since 1970, and the greatest Georgia football game I saw in person. Stay tuned.
To recap, you should keep everyone affected by the recent car crash that left Drew Landers hospitalized in your prayers, the College World Series has come to a close, and I didn't mean to get North Carolina's nose quite so far out of joint as evidently I did. That should get you up to speed and raring to go as you look ahead to your Tuesday.

Go 'Dawgs!