Thanks for making May a great month!

While this wasn't exactly news worthy of inclusion on the front page, I still wanted to take a moment to thank all the loyal readers of Dawg Sports for your continued support.

This weblog has a small yet devoted following, so MaconDawg and I were quite pleased with the traffic we were fortunate enough to receive last month. In May 2007, Dawg Sports received 29,659 visits, making it the third-best month ever in that category. (We received 31,506 visitors in January 2007 and 30,565 in October 2006.)

Likewise, the 50,430 page views we received made May 2007 the fourth-best month ever here at Dawg Sports, trailing only the 54,602 page views in October 2006, the 51,493 page views during January 2007, and the 50,555 page views during September 2006. (May fell just 126 page views shy of marking the third-best month ever in this category, as well.)

Such traffic, while small by the standards of larger sports weblogs such as Every Day Should Be Saturday, Burnt Orange Nation, MGoBlog, and Georgia Sports Blog, nevertheless indicates a positive trend, particularly since the only better months we have had here at Dawg Sports have been during football season.

Our thanks go out to our loyal readers. We are grateful for your continued interest and support.

Go 'Dawgs!

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