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5 Players I Wish Were in Red and Black

As Kyle already noted, Peter Bean and Orson Swindle have laid down the law on the upcoming college football season. Peter however realizes that everybody needs a little time off for bad behavior, and in that vein is breaking one of the Ten Commandments, and inviting his readers to do the same, by listing five of their rivals' players whom they covet. Paul Westerdawg thought it was a great idea, and has done the same, only with snazzy video evidence to back up his selections, including Xavier Carter's blunder in the 2003 UGA/LSU game (for which I christened an award, last year handed out to Mikey Henderson).

It was such a great idea that I had to follow suit. Right off the top of my head and with little or no research, here's my five:

1) Auburn tackle King Dunlap. Quite possibly the largest human being on the face of the earth. I'm not certain how big he really is, but I know he did an admirable job of guarding Brandon Cox's backside last year. If he were a Bulldog, we'd be in (slightly) better shape along the offensive line. Honorable mention: Alabama tackle Andre Smith, who'll be a fixture on the 'Bama line not only this year, but next.

2) South Carolina punter Ryan Succop. I know, punter is an unconventional choice. But Succop was probably South Carolina's best player regardless of position last year not named Sidney Rice or Fred Bennett. And while I have nothing against Brian Mimbs as a punter, I get nervous about new starters, especially on special teams. And we all know how I feel about subpar kicking performances.

3) Arkansas running back Darren McFadden. Possibly superhuman. Endangering amateur status by appearing on the next season of Heroes as the football playing foil to Hayden Panattiere's indestructible cheerleader character (this season's theme: "save Houston Nutt, save the world . . ."). I think we have a great platoon of running backs, but McFadden is simply the best player in college football in my opinion. Honorable mention: C.J. Spiller, Clemson. A home run threat the likes of which we just don't have right now (unless it's Caleb King or Knowshown Moreno and we just don't know it yet.)

4) Auburn tight end Cole Bennett. Missed most of 2006 with an ankle injury, after having a solid 2005 campaign. With our uncertainty at tight end, I wouldn't mind having a proven All-SEC caliber tight end, even one coming off of injury.

5) Kentucky linebacker Wesley Woodyard. Woodyard is a scrappy tackling machine in the Jarvis Jackson mold. While we've heard good things about Brandon Miller's transition to mike backer, it's the will and sam spots where we could use some veteran leadership. The senior from LaGrange could provide that (And will. Only for the Wildcats. Darnit.)

I'm sure this list is full of heinous omissions, as I came up with it in roughly 5 minutes. Please let me know who those omissions are in the comments, and why. Special thanks to Peter and Paul for preventing me from doing anything productive for, meh, 15 minutes.