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Where Will Georgia's 2008 Recruiting Class Rank Nationally?

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MaconDawg continues to bring you the news of Mark Richt's early successes on the recruiting trail, which prompted the most recent Dawg Sports poll question: "Where will Georgia's 2008 football recruiting class rank nationally?"

The largest share of votes (27%) went to a highly specific placement of next February's incoming contingent of Bulldogs in the top five but not in the top three. The next-highest block of ballots (24%) went to the confession of faith that is best expressed in the phrase, "We're No. 1!"

19 per cent of voters foresaw a second-ranked recruiting class for the Red and Black, while 15 per cent predicted a finish inside the top 10 yet outside the top five. Another 10 per cent thought the 'Dawgs would claim the third-ranked batch of signees and bringing up the rear were the five per cent of readers who believed Georgia would put together a top 20 class but not a top 10 class.

On the whole, Bulldog Nation's expectations appear high, as four out of five Georgia fans anticipate a top five haul on national signing day.

The new poll question asks you to finish the following sentence: "If my team is going to lose, I would rather my team . . ." Would you rather lose a close one or lose a blowout? Go here and cast your vote.

Go 'Dawgs!