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With Fans Like This, Who Needs Enemies?

Has any segment of any fanbase ever been so entertainingly suicidal as this? In case you missed it, Arkansas fan and litigation junkie John David Terry had his lawsuit against University of Arkansas officials dismissed recently, with a judge holding that he had no jurisdiction to hear Terry's claims that University officials essentially failed to earn their salaries by not properly investigating emails sent to former Arkansas quarterback Mitch Mustain. You can read some of the sordid backstory here Does this mean Coach Houston Nutt is out of the woods?

As they say in Fayetteville (and Macon for that matter), H-a-a-y-y-e-e-l-l no! A group of concerned Arkansas fans are in the process of conducting a "scientific" public opinion poll designed to guage the true level of disgust among their Hog brethren and sistren for Senior Nutt.

The concept itself is funny enough. The content of the questions is, to say the least, open to criticism (I personally like the one where respondents are asked to speculate about how satisified the people they talk with on a regular basis are with Arkansas's athletic program. To quote Thomas Dolby, "Science!"). The University's response has been, well, pretty much what you would expect. The Razorback Fan Poll website declares:

Both the polling firm and we agree that we are after a scientific, UNBIASED, poll.They will not, for anybody, engage in a "push poll", in which questions are worded so as to get a desired answer. There is the risk that the results will not be what we, nor many other fans want to see. Too bad. We invited the Razorback Foundation to participate in formulating the questions. They declined. We also invited the University of Arkansas Athletic Department to participate in designing the poll. They declined. SO, if you see them complaining about this poll---well, they had their chance to participate. [emphasis in the original].

Apparently the contact person for this public-spirited enterprise is No, I didn't make that up.

I must admit however that I am intrigued by the direct democracy model of college football boosterism exhibited by our swine-loving friends to the west. We here at Dawgsports of course love a good poll as much as anybody, so I figured I'd solicit some fan input here.

Question 1: If you were a blue chip football prospect from the state of Arkansas, the recent turmoil surrounding Arkansas football would make you a) appreciate the dedication of the Razorback fanbase, b) sign with/transfer to Southern Cal, c) ask how soon you can sign your U of A letter of intent, before those jokers come after you too, or d) look at other programs where the head coach has more job stability, like Mississippi State, Missouri and Baghdad Tech.

Question 2: During the most recently completed college football season, the University of Arkansas a) finished with double digit wins, b) would have won the SEC but for a loss to eventual national champion Florida, c) featured a tailback recruited by Houston Nutt who will begin this season as the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy, d)were led by a dang moron who's just ruining Arkansas football, despite a,b and c, or e) all of the above.

Question 3: True or false? Frank Broyles.

Question 4: What can other SEC fanbases learn from Arkansas? a) crafty use of open government laws, b) how to run off potential recruits, c) how to run off potential replacements for the coach they've been trying desperately to run off, d) how good we have it when our worst problems are poaching NBA executives and petty offseason infractions, or e) all of the above.

Question 5: Who are the biggest losers in this ongoing saga? a) Houston Nutt, b) Arkansas fans who have seen their athletic department in the news for all the wrong reasons and are embarassed at the behavior of their fellow fans, c) Arkansas players whose college careers are playing out under a haze of allegations which have made some forget that they just finished one of the most successful campaigns in recent school history, or d) all of the above.