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A Call to Arms to Bulldog Nation

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The second round is underway and your votes go here.

Please note the plural---"votes," not "vote"---because I am facing some tough competition in Run Up the Score!, who came by his moniker honestly, thanks to PSUgirl, a Penn State fan and regular commenter at Every Day Should Be Saturday.

PSUgirl is almost singlehandedly responsible for RUTS's advancement to the second round; as she explains:

It was me. Seriously, I voted like 100 times. As I mentioned before - my work computer is dying and it cuts out, a lot. Every time I re-boot - I get a new ISP - and a new chance to vote.

While I admire PSUgirl's ingenuity in the face of adversity---truly, necessity is the mother of invention---I find the challenge it presents to my further advancement in the hot blogger bracket daunting and, accordingly, I am throwing down the gauntlet before you, loyal Dawg Sports reader.

PSUgirl has demonstrated her intelligence, creativity, and dedication. Are you up to the task of matching her electoral skullduggery? More to the point, are we, as Georgians, going to allow ourselves to be outdone by the noble citizens of our great sister state of Pennsylvania again?

First there was Gettysburg. Then there were the Sugar Bowl losses to Pitt and Penn State at the end of the 1976, 1981, and 1982 seasons. Will our pride as Georgians allow us to fall victim to the fine denizens of the Keystone State another time?

I, for one, think better of my fellow citizens of the Empire State of the South than that.

Vote, I tell you! Vote as though the honor of your home state depended upon it!

Go 'Dawgs!