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Second-Round Hot Blogger Bracketology

As I reported earlier, the votes are in from the first round of the hot blogger bracket hosted by the Ladies . . . and here is how the results from the Mid-Atlantic Conference, the National League West, the Campbell Conference, and the all-important AFC North broke down:

  • The No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 seeds advanced in all four brackets.
  • The National League West produced unusually heavy voter turnout.
  • Three of the four brackets featured four upsets apiece. The lone exception was the AFC North, which nevertheless was the only bracket to see two of the top five seeds eliminated in the first round.
  • True to tournament form, three of the four No. 12 seeds prevailed against higher-seeded opponents.
  • Two of the four No. 4 seeds lost to the No. 19 seeds in their respective brackets and two of the four No. 6 seeds lost to the No. 17 seeds in their respective brackets, but there was no bracket in which either both the No. 4 and the No. 6 seed won or both the No. 4 and the No. 6 seed lost.
  • The Campbell Conference was the most brutal for the favorites, as three of the top eight seeds were sent home. The Mid-Atlantic Conference, by contrast, was the kindest to the frontrunners, as only one of the top eight seeds was downed in the first round.
We now move forward, buoyed by the gracious endorsement of my first-round opponent, Sean of Pop Jocks, who departed the tournament with class, as befits a Michigan man, which Sean is. (See? A Bulldog fan and a Wolverine fan can interact without any references to S.E.C. speed or Big Ten academic standards. Seriously, we have to get the Maize and Blue on the Red and Black's schedule!)

There will be details forthcoming regarding the second round of the welcome offseason sports-like substance that is the hot blogger bracket. For the time being, though, get tanned, rested, and ready for the forthcoming campaign. Also, if any of you could figure out a way to make me better-looking, that might help, too.

Go 'Dawgs!