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Post Spring Impressions

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The post-spring depth chart was released today, and there were a few surprises. I also noted some things that, while not surprising per se, bear watching as we head into fall practice.

The Three Deep looks like this:

Offense: split end: 1) Sean Bailey, 2) Mohamed Massaquoi, 3) Kris Durham

flanker: 1)Mikey Henderson, 2) AJ Bryant, 3) Kenneth Harris

tight end: 1) Tripp Chandler, 2) Coleman Watson, 3) NaDerris Ward

Left tackle: 1) Trinton Sturdivant, 2) Vince Vance

left guard: 1) Chris Davis, 2) Tanner Strickland

center: 1) Fernando Velasco, 2) Kevin Perez, 3) Ian Smith

right guard: 1)Scott Havercamp , 2) Josh Davis, 3) Mickey White

right tackle: 1)Chester Adams , 2) Justin Anderson

tailback: 1) Kregg Lumpkin, 2) Knowshown Moreno , 3) Jason Johnson

fullback: 1)Brannon Southerland , 2) Shaun Chapas/ Fred Munzenmeier

quarterback: 1) Matt Stafford, 2) Joe Cox , 3) Blake Barnes

Defense: defensive tackle (slot 1): 1)Jeff Owens , 2) Tripp Taylor, 3) Corvey Irvin

defensive tackle (slot 2): 1) Geno Atkins , 2) Kade Weston, 3) Ricardo Crawford

buck end: 1) Marcus Howard, 2) Jeremy Lomax, 3) Michael Lemon

strong end: 1) Rod Battle, 2) Damarcus Dobbs, 3) Kiante Tripp

mike linebacker: 1) Brandon Miller, 2) Marcus Washington, 3) Ben Boyd sam linebacker:1) Darius Dewberry, 2) Akeem Dent, 3) Mitchell Pittman

will linebacker:1) Dannell Ellerbe, 2) Darryl Gamble, 3) Tommy Watkins

free safety: 1) C.J. Byrd, 2) Reshad Jones, 3) Andrew Williams

strong safety: 1) Kelin Johnson, 2) Quintin Banks, 3) Antavious Coates

weak corner: 1) Bryan Evans, 2) Prince Miller, 3)RaMarcus Brown

strong corner: 1)Paul Oliver, 2) Asher Allen, 3) Thomas Flowers

Specialists: Punter: Brian Mimbs

Kicker: Brandon Coutu

Snapper: Jeff Henson

Holder: Brian Mimbs

Punt returner: Mikey Henderson, Thomas Flowers

kick returner: 1) Asher Allen, 2) Knowshown Moreno, 3) Reshad Jones

One thing I couldn't help but notice is how incredibly thin our linebacking corps have become. With Akeem Hebron now suspended for the season, and Marcus Washington looking like he might miss the season while rehabbing from knee surgery, we're as strained here as I can ever remember. We may very well only have 5 scholarship players, which just isn't enough at a position that prone to injury.

It's also apparent that Sean Bailey must have had the kind of spring we all hoped he would, as he's retaken the spot he held before last season's injury. It's worth noting however that Bailey really only broke out in the 2005 SEC Championship game, the game in which he was injured. I'm thinking that we'll again see a rotating cast of characters at both flanker and split end.

I'm still amazed at our offensive line situation. Sturdivant starting at left tackle and guarding Stafford's blind side is a scary thing. It's also a little exhilerating to think that we might have a four year starter at that critical position. I notice Josh Davis got moved to guard, which may indicate that he's as much of a project as he was rumored to be as a signee.

Geno Atkins starting at defensive tackle is a change, but it's not surprising. He may go down as the steal of the 2006 signing class. Marcus Howard and Jeremy Lomax are probably the lightest 1-2 punch we've fielded at defensive end since, well, I'm not even sure.

So what do you guys think. Anything surprise or worry you?