Who would you want to coach your son?

This brouhaha over Stafford got me to thinking.  If my son were a Div I football prospect, who would I want to coach him? [a personal aside - my oldest is a 17 year old HS junior who may have a future in Div I track; my youngest is an exhausting 4th grader - so its too early to tell with him]

I would love it if my son went to Georgia to play football - for all the obvious reasons.  But would that be best for him?  Does Coach Richt  discourae a boy's nature "lust for life"?  Would my boy be better off at a school with an avuncular figure who allowed 'boys to be boys'? (FSU)  Should he go to Penn State and plug into the nationwide network that is Joe Paterno?

Is the proper role of a football coach as a pater familias?  Or should he primarily concern himself with X's and O's?

Since I suspect that most readers are male and are of age to have children, who would you want to coach your son?

When answering the question, leave out of the equation the school or its location.  In order words, leave out of your calculus that it snows alot in State College or that southern California is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Kyle, Thomas is a pretty tough looking kid.  Where do you want him to go?

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