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Bulldog Fans Sweating Dates with Gators, Cowboys

Paul Westerdawg told us so, but now it is official: Georgia will begin the autumn with back-to-back nationally-televised night games against Oklahoma State and South Carolina to kick off a season most likely replete with start times of every variety.

On account of their offensive prowess and their season-opening spot on the schedule, the Cowboys figured prominently in Dawg Sports readers' responses to our recent poll question, "Which game on the 2007 football schedule worries you most?"

For the record, I saw some guys wearing T-shirts like this in the weight room during my recent visit to Athens, so I'm pretty sure the coaches are keeping the team focused. (Photograph from Georgia Sports Blog.)

Oklahoma State posted a strong second-place finish as the opponent causing Bulldog Nation the greatest degree of heartburn, garnering 32 per cent of the vote. Only Florida's 34 per cent exceeded the Pokes' total, but, as I told you before, the Gators are the wrong answer.

South Carolina and Tennessee tied for a distant third place with 8.7 per cent apiece, followed closely by Alabama (5.8%) and Auburn (4.9%). I hate Auburn.

The seventh spot in the standings went to the catch-all category "none of the above," which includes Kentucky, Ole Miss, Troy, Vanderbilt, and Western Carolina and received 3.9 per cent of the ballots cast. Someone needs to explain to me which of those teams frightens them more than the Cowboys, the Crimson Tide, the Plainsmen, and the Volunteers.

Not that the Trojans' New Orleans Bowl dismantling of Rice didn't impress me, but . . .

Bringing up the rear was Georgia Tech, as the Bulldogs' presumptively resurgent in-state rivals collected just 1.9 per cent of the vote. That, I suppose, is the sort of respect a 3-13 run, during which all three victories were earned by fielding multiple ineligible players and two of those victories required additional assistance from the referees in games decided by clearly blown officiating calls, will get you.

Since MaconDawg has been keeping us up to date on all the latest developments in recruiting, the new poll question concerns that very subject: "Where will Georgia's 2008 football recruiting class rank nationally?"

Let us know what you think by casting your vote, posting a diary, or leaving a comment below. I am reliably informed that a sufficiently pithy comment will earn a fellow ONE HUNDRED COCKTAILS!!!

Go 'Dawgs!