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Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Futile Attempt to Change the Subject Edition

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Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . we all know that Matthew Stafford made a dumb call over the weekend, but have you taken a look at Dwayne Allen and Brandon Boykin, two of next year's (hopefully more self-controlled) prospects?

I go back and forth over which is the most exquisitely embarrassing detail of this whole thing. Is it the headgear? Is it the Chick-fil-A Bowl championship T-shirt? The strands of beads, perhaps? Or the straw in the drink? Maybe even the time stamp on the photograph? Yeah, I know . . . it's the headgear, isn't it?

Although I gave you the rundown last night, the blogosphere is a busy place and sometimes I miss a point or two; to wit:

I haven't met Truzenzuzex face to face or anything, but I'm pretty sure we're talking about a different Tru.

When you pass "Go," you collect $200 and a baccalaureate degree in sociology!

Am I alone in thinking the Aggies would be an odd fit in the S.E.C.? Should we put any stock in the A.P.R.? What needs should the Bulldogs focus on filling in their 2008 recruiting class? What should be the consequences of Matthew Stafford's weekend in Talladega? As always, your thoughts are welcome in the comments below and in the diaries to the right.

Go 'Dawgs!