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Stupid Is As Stafford Does?

By now, you've heard all about it. Deep South Sports has it. Orson Swindle has it. Paul Westerdawg has it. Buck and Kincade were talking about it during my drive home.

Although, by all appearances, this was harmless college fun, it also was foolish, juvenile, and embarrassing. Mark Richt should, and most likely will, read his top two quarterbacks the riot act (if he has not already) and have them running stadium steps for their poor judgment and lapse of leadership at the very time that Georgia's head football coach is calling upon his team to be on its best behavior.

And you were thinking this wouldn't end badly because . . . ?

That having been said, a couple of points spring to mind:

  • I think what makes me most mad at Stafford is that these were Auburn girls. Son, you're the Georgia quarterback. I don't care how good they look to you, you stay away from the Auburn girls. Those Auburn people are nothing but trouble. Besides, you can throw a rock in Athens and hit a better-looking woman than that any day of the week.
  • In a way, though, we were lucky these were Auburn girls. Had they been, say, Vanderbilt girls, they'd have been smart enough to have gotten some pictures that were truly incriminating and potentially subject to meaningful sanctions. As it is, they're just the sort of thing that will get you chewed out by your coaches and ragged on by your buddies, but nothing more than that. It was our good fortune that these girls came from the league's most idiotic fan base.
Matthew Stafford: The Motion Picture.
Go 'Dawgs!