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Totally Unsubstantiated Rumor Regarding Caleb King's Academics, Take 48

After months of speculation, it appears that highly-touted running back Caleb King has qualified to attend the University of Georgia. At least that's what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says his former high school coach told them King's current coach's wife told him. Clear enough? I thought so.

For those unfamiliar with the NCAA's sliding scale of athlete eligibility, here's the general deal. There is a sliding scale that looks at both high school GPA and standardized test (SAT/ACT)scores. A player with a lower GPA will be required to obtain a higher test score. A player with a lower test score will need a better GPA. There are other variables in the admissions process for talented tailbacks with excellent breakaway speed and superior field vision, including completion of a required number of core courses. But it's the sliding scale that keeps players in limbo because they usually have to wait until grades are in to know whether the test score they have obtained will be sufficient. Also, core courses can often be completed during summer school unless a player is seriously behind, so those are less of a problem.

This being the University of Georgia, I'm still holding my breath on this one. But it is provisionally good news.