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Getting Back on Track with the Red and Black

The football-related offseason news finally is starting to flow in a favorable direction once more, what with the commitment of Tavarres King (to whom I am pretty sure I am not related, by the way), so I figured this was as good a time as any to start looking ahead to the season, which now is only a little over 100 days away.

The indispensable Sunday Morning Quarterback already has previewed five of Georgia's upcoming opponents; namely, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Troy.

Perhaps the most unknown quantity on the preceding list of forthcoming foes for the 'Dawgs is Alabama, a talented team with an unparalleled tradition and an accomplished coach that is in a period of transition. Few doubt that Nick Saban will be successful in Tuscaloosa; the question is when rather than whether. The Alchemist sums up the coming resurrection of the Tide, while Todd confesses his fears about the Bulldogs to a receptive Paul Westerdawg.

Which game on Georgia's schedule worries you the most? (For the record, Florida is the wrong answer.)

Go 'Dawgs!