Golf coach quit over sexual misconduct allegations by players

What up, Dawgs? Mulligan Stu here. I am the editor of SBN's golf blog, Waggle Room.

Unfortunately, there's bad news to report today from the University of Georgia women's golf team.

Last week, just prior to the Lady Bulldogs' NCAA Regional tournament, Coach Todd McCorkle quit without warning. McCorkle is a highly successful coach - he won a national championship with Georgia in 2001, and one at Arizona in 2000. He is married to LPGA Tour player Jenna Daniels.

The university was mum on the incident until Freedom of Information requests by several media outlets forced them to, today, release documents on McCorkle.

And it turns out that McCorkle resigned following an investigation by the university into player allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior and comments by the coach.

Among those allegations is that McCorkle showed some of his players Internet clips of the Paris Hilton sex tape; that he made comments on the color of their underwear; that he patted at least one on the fannie; and similar alleged misconduct.

McCorkle released a statement today in which he acknowledged inappropriate comments:

"In my tenure at Georgia I have unintentionally made comments that have made some of my players uncomfortable," McCorkle said in a statement. "I want to be clear in saying that this was not my intention or desire."

My post on the incident is here. The AP article offers full details.

The Georgia women's golf team continues on to the NCAA Championship tournament next week, where they will be a threat for the team title and Taylor Leon - whose father's complaints to the university started the McCorkle investigation - is among the individual favorites.

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