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Bloggerpalooza (O.K., More Like Doug-and-Me-Palooza) Is Tomorrow!

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This will be your final reminder: Doug Gillett and I will be meeting in front of the main library approximately at 10:30 tomorrow morning to tailgate prior to the G-Day game.

You are welcome to drop by, but, if you know you'll be paying us a visit, please leave a comment below letting us know.

For the visual learners among you, look for these guys . . .

. . . in this place:

Invariably, I come away from the spring scrimmage feeling both good and bad, as every successful play is, by definition, also an unsuccessful play. A sack causes me momentary elation about the Bulldogs' front seven, followed by gnawing dread about our offensive line. A long touchdown strike produces a brief thrill about Georgia's firepower, then deep concern about our secondary.

This year, though, I will be even more torn than usual, as Hines Ward will be on the sidelines for the Red squad and David Pollack will be a guest coach for the Black team. Since Pollack and Ward are two of my favorite recent 'Dawgs, my Georgia loyalty will be even more divided than usual on G-Day.

I hope to see you in the Classic City on Saturday. I'll be the loud one wearing red and black.

Go 'Dawgs!