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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Colin Cowherd?

By now, everyone is aware that Colin Cowherd crashed The Big Lead. It has even been suggested that Cowherd's prank might be legally actionable.

What is the best way for the intercollegiate athletics blogosphere to go about addressing this issue?

The answer to that question begins with an introduction to E.S.P.N.'s new ombudsman, Le Anne Schreiber. Schreiber succeeded George Solomon, who became familiar with the blogosphere a little over a year ago.

Write Le Anne Schreiber. To send her an e-mail, go here. Be respectful. Be cordial. Be civil. Be professional. In short, be everything Colin Cowherd isn't.

Let Schreiber know what Colin Cowherd's petty conduct is doing to her employer's reputation. Let her know that his childish behavior is neither amusing nor enlightening.

Last year, when Colin Cowherd was forced to apologize for stealing material from The M Zone, it marked a watershed moment in the history of the blogosphere, demonstrating the shift in the new media landscape and prompting the issuance of The Blog-ifesto.

It's time for the blogosphere to flex its muscles again.

Go 'Dawgs!