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The Worldwide Leader in Jerks

I have a couple of questions for you.

Are bullies who kick over sand castles at the beach the Worldwide Leaders in Strength?

Are the guys who flush every toilet in the boys' bathroom simultaneously in an effort to flood the place the Worldwide Leaders in Humor?

If not, what business does E.S.P.N. have calling itself the Worldwide Leader in Sports?

Earlier today, noted plagiarist Colin Cowherd, who has a show on E.S.P.N. Radio, apparently decided it would be fun to tell his listeners to visit a particular intercollegiate athletics weblog simultaneously for the sole purpose of crashing the site. The victim of this sophomoric prank was The Big Lead and, as of this writing, the site is still down.


I have argued for some time now that, while legitimate journalists have nothing to fear from the blogosphere, blowhard pundits sense that the writing is on the wall and their days are numbered. This has provoked them to new depths of outrageousness as they attempt to prolong their fading relevance by saying asinine things purely for their shock value.

This, I suspect, has more than a little to do with this latest Cowherdly broadside against the blogosphere. Consider this curious coincidence: Colin Cowherd told his listeners to crash The Big Lead earlier Thursday . . . barely a day and a half after The Big Lead appeared on E.D.S.B.S. Live as one of Tuesday night's guests.

Now, I don't want to sound like Oliver Stone or Fox Mulder here, but isn't it just a bit odd that, just a few weeks after one of the most influential bloggers in sports started his own internet-based radio show, Colin Cowherd just happened to decide to shut down the website of Orson Swindle's most recent guest?

The revolution will not be televised, Colin . . . but you can listen to it on your computer after sports talk radio has gone the way of the eight-track tape.

I apologize for not being on this story earlier, but, while professional sports commentator Colin Cowherd spent his day playing ridiculous pranks in a desperate ploy for attention, I divided up my day between doing my job, spending time with my family, and writing a detailed exegesis of the state of University of Georgia athletics. Golly, it's too bad we antisocial bloggers sitting around our parents' basements in our underwear can't compete with the quality of coverage offered by the boys from Bristol, isn't it?

Go 'Dawgs!