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TMI 2008: Bacarri Rambo

One of the luxuries of filling a recruiting class with "need" players as the Dawgs did in 2007 is that you are then free to go after some special players the next year. Georgia is doing that for 2008.

One of those special players is 6'1, 195 pound Seminole County quarterback/defensive back Baccari Rambo. Rambo is a "soft" verbal to Georgia. I've always thought a "soft verbal" is roughly equivalent to being sorta pregnant or having a "minor" heart attack, but that's a rant for another day. Rambo concluded his junior season with 1186 yards rushing on 122 carries (a 9.7 yard average) and 22 touchdowns.

Rivals has a lot of good highlights of Rambo, which you'll find here. His athleticism jumps off the screen. It's clear that Rambo is just electric with the ball in his hands whether on offense or defense (witness the 1st play of the fourth video, I could try to describe the sheer athleticism of it, but the words would fail). He clearly has the size/speed combination to play somewhere at the next level.

The question is where. Some schools may dangle the chance to play quarterback in front of this guy. You'l notice on the video that he doesn't have a bad arm. The fundamentals are not great, but he can put it downfield, though maybe not well enough to play the position in the SEC. It's not hard to imagine Rambo playing tailback, either. He has great moves in the open field, great balance and good vision. We're not talking Reggie Bush type speed, but Rambo will likely end up in the 210-225 pound range (he doesn't appear to have really filled out yet), so expecting that would be unrealistic. In fact, Rambo really burst onto the scene when he ran for 388 yards and 6 touchdowns against the Chattahoochee County Panthers (they're the poor guys in black uniforms who he's running over, around and through in the video).

But Baccari Rambo, in my opinion, is just tailor made to play will linebacker in our system. He's very instinctive in pass coverage, and will ultimately be linebacker-sized. On defense he has a tendency to grab runners and fling them to the ground instead of putting his helmet on the ball, which will take some work. He will also have to learn the techniques. But Baccari Rambo is the type of athlete we have the luxury of working with. If I had to compare him to a recent Bulldog recruit, I'd say he reminds me a little of another southwest Georgia standout, Thomas Davis, who like Rambo did everything but drive the bus and cook the pregame meal in high school before becoming an effectice defender. 3 years ago Rambo would have followed Davis to the safety spot, but under Willie Martinez's defense, he's a versatile 'backer, who could develop into a very exciting player.

Plus the name is just badass. And that's before you even consider that Bacarri's nickname is "Goo". I'm assuming that he got that one because he lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with teammate Felipe "Chalupa" Vega, thereby becoming known as the boy named Goo. In all seriousness, Rambo is a guy with loads of upside, who won't have to play anytime soon if he's not ready. He's precisely the kind of guy you can pick up when you have depth, and if we can get him to Athens, I don't think anyone will regret it.