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What is Worrying Bulldog Nation?

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G-Day (and, consequently, Bloggerpalooza) is this Saturday, marking the end of spring practice and making this an opportune moment at which to note the results of a recent poll question here at Dawg Sports.

I asked readers to name their biggest area of concern heading into the spring and, unsurprisingly, the lion's share of the ballots went to the offensive line, which garnered 52 of the 101 votes cast.

Kristin Davis's concern for Georgia's offensive line is evident from her expression.

The receiving corps was a distant second with 18 votes, followed by the linebackers (15 votes) and the defensive line (11 votes). Only three voters counted the defensive backfield as their greatest area of concern and the offseason changes to the coaching staff brought up the rear with a paltry two votes.

In honor of the fine basketball coverage MaconDawg provides, the new poll question asks where the Georgia roundball team will be five years hence. Cast your vote and let us know what you think.

Go 'Dawgs!