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Post Draft Analysis: How the Dawgs Faired.

Now that the male beauty pagent known as the NFL draft is over, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at where some former Dawgs are headed, and the situations they'll be heading into.

We'll start with Quentin Moses. Q Mo. went as the first pick in the 3rd round (65th overall) to the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders kicked off their draft by taking former LSU quarterback and suspected Ent JaMarcus Russell to help recharge their anemic offense. Make no mistake however, this team is bad on both sides of the ball.

In Moses they get a guy who some projected as a top 5 pick before the season started. Quentin's stock fell after a lackluster senior season and a combine workout that exposed him as too small to play every down at defensive end and too slow to play every down at outside linebacker. He'll need to add weight, but will probably see action as a pass rusher this season. Good pick for the Raiders, bad situation for Moses, who'll disappear into the blackhole that is RaiderNation.

Slightly different from the white shirt and tie/cocktail dress preferred by young Georgia fans, but who am I to mock regional tastes? Besides, I think the guy on the left just bought Mudcat Elmore's car.

Charles Johnson also came off the board in the 3rd round, heading to the Carolina Panthers. Carolina has a pair of aging but stellar ends in Julius Peppers and Mike Rucker. Johnson looks to be the heir apparent to Rucker, and will have the chance to learn from two of the best in the business right off the bat. He's also versatile enough to back up at both end slots. This is, in my view, an excellent situation for both the drafter and the draftee.

Martrez Milner went in the 4th round to the Falcons. Bobby Petrino is looking to move away from the lumbering 290 pound tight ends Jim Moron, err, Mora, employed. In Milner he sees an athletic tight end worth taking a chance on. I agree, and I'm thrilled for a former Dawg. But if I put on my NFL G.M. hat, I think the Falcons took Martrez way to high, especially for a guy who's been compared to a fainting goat and a marsupial not known for its sharp wits. But I'm hoping Martrez will catch the football and again make the guy who made those comparisons look like an idiot.

Ken Shackleford rounded out the list of drafted Dawgs by going to the St. Louis Rams in the 6th. It was a bit of a surprise pick, as the Rams are stocked at tackle with future Hall of Famer Orlando Pace and solid veterans Alex Barron and Todd Steussie. Shack is a prospect for the Rams, and I don't think he'll see the field next year. He'll have to impress to make the active roster. But I think the Rams see in him a guy with the skills to be a solid tackle with a little bit of work, who might one day replace one of their trio of stellar (but aging) veterans. For Shack, it's a chance to learn from those great players, and ultimately catch on somewhere. Shack's not guaranteed a spot on the roster, but when you get to the 6th round, beggars can't be choosers.

The real question now is which of the guys who didn't get drafted ends up signing a free agent deal. Tony Taylor is almost certain to get a look somewhere. Personally, I'd love to see him in Atlanta, which just lost Demorrio Williams to a torn pec, and got rid of high priced disappointments Ed Hartwell and Ike Reese. Danny Ware also should get a look as a back with low mileage and good physical ability. Which Dawgs do you guys think will get a look? What do you think about the prospects for those who got drafted?