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Random Roundball: Billy Donovan Haunts My Dreams Edition.

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Like the rest of you I'm still grappling with Kyle's inexplicable decision to leave the blog for the Tommy Tuberville School of Soceolijee, but I'll try to type through the pain (caused of course by nonstop laughter). Good one, Kyle.

Now this is loathsome. Congratulations to Orson and the other jort-clad graduates of the Gainesville School of Tanning Bed Engineering for their appearance in tonight's National Championship Game against Ohio State. Again. At least we know that Billy Donovan is paying a price for his success.

I predict (and again, unless you've read this post you have no idea how much this pains me) that the Gators will run away with this one. Greg Oden may be the first pick in the NBA draft, but I think Florida's quicker front court of Horford and Noah will push him into foul trouble early. While Thad Matta has been able to cope with this strategy in the past, I just think the Gators are too athletic. Donovan's Gators are liable to go off like an assault rifle at any moment. I'm predicting the moment tonight will be when Oden leaves for a breather.

Don't even get me started on this. I'll be back later with some recruiting analysis, but in the meantime remember that Doug at hey jenny slater has the latest on Bloggerpalooza '07.