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Calvin Johnson Up In Smoke

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The AJC is reporting that in pre-draft interviews, several high profile players, including Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson, Louisville's Amobi Okoye and Clemson's Gaines Adams admitted to smoking marijuana during college.

With apologies to Ludacris, it appears that Reuben Houston wasn't the only one in the huddle smoking that Cheech & Chong.

While this is after all a blog focused on University of Georgia sports, I just couldn't let this one slip by, for a couple of reasons. One is that I simply cannot stand by and let any random stupidity associated with the North Avenue Trade School go by without being appropriately trumpeted. That's just how my toast is buttered.

Second, and more importantly, I know you all are a sophisticated group of readers, who like to keep a finger on the pulse of the larger college football world. And it is in that vein that I ask you: does this story matter?

To me, the answer is yes. I think that given der kommisar Godell's new discipline policy, brought about by Fulmer Cup role model/West Virginia Mountaineers Pacman Jones and Chris Henry, character matters more than ever in pro football. In the past, NFL teams saw a guy like Randy Moss as a publicity liability. Now, guys who have a penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time miss games, or even seasons, for their shenanigans. And that's bad for business.

I predict that none of these guys will fall out of the first round. Or even the first half of the first round, largely because, as no less a disciplinarian than Chan Gailey pointed out about Johnson "he's a great young man who probably did it one time to see what it was like, and told the truth [when asked about it]." Tommy Bowden noted that Bill Clinton used to dance with mary jane too, and he turned out ok.

For Johnson however, this is a bit of a blow to his squeaky-clean image, polished on overseas toilet-building trips and honed by shouldering the adversity of having Reggie Ball as his quarterback. Of course, this also probably makes it a lot harder for Al Davis to pass him up with the first selection in the upcoming draft because he would provide Randy Moss someone to hang out with.