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Wednesday Night Dawg Bites

Ere I retire for the evening, I would like to take a brief moment to attend to some housekeeping details, so that I will know that I have done my part to keep Bulldog Nation apprised of all matters, great and small, of interest within its borders; as we say in the law, to wit:

For instance, had the saying been at my disposal at Bloggerpalooza '07, I would have said, "The equitation on the flat quad swept Josh 4-0 to highlight the first round of tailgating for Georgia at the 2007 G-Day game Saturday morning" every time the drunk guy attempted to climb the tree and failed.

April 23: Dalton
Brian Cooksey
(706) 275-2655

April 24: Marietta
Jim Sommerville
(404) 421-8310

May 3: Jacksonville
Jon McGinnis
(904) 730-DAWG

May 9: Albany
Dee Matthews
(229) 436-7390

May 15: Savannah
Gregg Ewaldsen
(912) 660-1314

May 16: Golden Isles
Tye Pipkin
(912) 291-1100

May 22: Columbus
Mike Stone
(706) 649-5014

And . . . hey! Let's be careful out there.

Go 'Dawgs!